Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently asked questions

Take a look on the map on Our Journey. Click on whichever school you are interested in to find out more information.

To find out about vacancies in our schools and homes please give us a call on 0800 0246 985 or

We aim to run as many school visits as safely as possible whilst adhering to up to date government guidelines at this more challenging time. Each school and home has its own individual policy, so please fill in the Enquiry Form to find out more.

If you would like to see more of the schools you can visit the gallery pages for up to date photography.

Simply visit the Schools and Homes page to choose which gallery you would like to see.

Class sizes are small in most of our scchool and the classroom environments are nurturing to support the additional individual needs of each young person.

Check out the Schools and Homes page for more information on a specific provision. 

We support young people with a range of special educational needs and difficulties including social, emotional and mental health needs, social emotional and behavioural difficulties, autistic spectrum conditions, ADHD and other associated communicational difficulties.

We support the young people whose needs cannot be met in mainstream.

We believe in looking at the needs of each individual young person and finding the right educational and residential solution for them.

Take a look at our admissions process for all the information you need.

You will need to let the Local Authority know you are interested in a placement at one of our schools and homes. They may choose to fund the placement. If they don’t there are plenty of agencies who can support you with your application, why not take a look at our top tips below for more advice with this.

Why not take a look at our Top Tips for some further advice and guidance. 


We are here to help with the process. We work in partnership with young people, their families and carers and other stakeholders to achieve outcomes which make a difference.

Looking for additional support? Parent Info provides support and advice to parents, with contributions from the leading experts and organisations in matters related to young people and families in a digital world. Click here.

No, we accept placements and referrals 365 days of the year. So get in contact with the team on 0800 024 6985 or 

Our Top Tips

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