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Referrals : 0800 024 6985 | [email protected]

School Contact Information

Referrals : 0800 024 6985 | [email protected]

School Contact Information

The aims and values of Brookways School are focused on maximising every individuals’ potential to develop into a confident, resilient, critical thinkers and skilled young people who will make a positive contribution to society and live as independent a life as possible.

At Brookways we recognise the student's ability to learn is underpinned by the teaching of basic skills, knowledge, concepts and values. The school provides enrichment opportunities to engage and enhance learning which provide memorable experiences and ensure there are no limits to the learning environment and a pupils’ curiosity and a thirst for new experiences and knowledge.

Leaders ensure that the curriculum is designed to prepare pupils with the knowledge and skills to access their next phase of education, training or employment.

Brookways School delivers a broad and balanced curriculum, which is aligned to our pupils’ ages, levels of ability, interests and aspirations. It is coherent, imaginative and well-planned, building systematically on prior experiences.

Following admission each child’s programme is specifically tailored to address any lost learning and prepare children with the skills they will need for the future.

There is integrated therapeutic support onsite from a range of multi-professional colleagues to promote readiness to learn and engagement.

Ultimately, our curriculum supports our pupils to:

• To be kind

• To work hard

• To be confident

• To be independent

• To achieve their potential

• To build emotional resilience

• To promote positive communication and develop relationships

• To understand how to keep safe and healthy


View our Curriculum Policy.


KS2 Subjects

Art & Design Drama English Geography History Life Skills Mathematics Music Physical Education Religious Education Science Social Skills Food Technology PSHE DEAR Enrichment IT

KS3 Subjects

Art & Design Careers Computer Science Drama English Humanities Life Skills Mathematics Music Physical Education Science Social Skills Food Technology PSHE DEAR Enrichment

KS4 Subjects

Careers Computer Science English Life Skills Mathematics Physical Education PSHRE Science DEAR Enrichment

KS4 Options

Art & Design College/Vocational Learning Creative Media Drama Humanities Food Technology Sports Science Childcare Personalised Study Electrical Engineering