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We welcome the opportunity to work with children and young people towards their individual goals, aspirations and develop as successful members of their community. Those who come to the school have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition and often many associated social, emotional and mental health needs.

We believe all children and young people are entitled to a nurturing environment that demonstrates care, empathy and support in order to help our young people identify positive aspects of their everyday lives. 

Our school provides a safe learning environment for children and young people with educational, social and emotional needs associated with their autism such as sensory processing difficulties, communication difficulties and high levels of anxiety.

Many of our young people have experienced significant difficulties in mainstream school as a result of their associated social, emotional and mental health difficulties.  We support our children and young people through specialist teaching and intervention including a range of therapeutic supports.


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Success Stories

A Compliment and Huge Thanks!

"The staff are all amazing and I know my son is now in the right school. Thank you."

On arrival at the school John was a very rigid...

John came to Arc School Ansley having been in a number of failed school placements with...

When Andrew came to the school he was very...

The ASC provision at Arc School Ansley has been supporting Andrew for three years. This young...


“The personal development, behaviour and welfare of pupils is a strength of the school. Staff work effectively with therapists and external agencies to support pupils so that most make strong social and emotional progress from their starting points.”

“Teachers have a clear understanding of pupils’ individual needs. They use prior information about pupils’ learning to set work at the right level. As a result, the vast majority make good progress from their starting points.”

“I couldn’t be happier with how my son is doing at the school.”

“It used to take me half an hour to persuade my son out of the house to go to his previous school, but now he is up early and ready for his transport in the mornings as he looks forward to going to Arc School Ansley. "

Contact Information

01676 543810


Ansley Lane, Ansley, Nuneaton, CV10 9ND

Headteacher: Nyree Parker