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The school works successfully with children and young people who may have been reluctant learners, those who may have been out of school for a time or those have found it hard to engage in education. Staff support children and young people to gain a range of meaningful qualifications, have a positive schooling experience and gain the self-confidence to continue on their journey in to adult life.

Young people leave with qualifications in, at least, the core subjects and ‘soft skills’ such as first aid and food hygiene. Skills which will support and promote employability.


We work with a local Career Connect Advisors to develop strategies and prepare young people for work and adult life.

The advisor begins work with the young people and families in year 9 which promotes positive relationships.

We also work in partnership with a number of colleges and vocational training centres during KS4 to secure foundation vocational qualifications. This helps build a positive transition to post-16 provision for those young people with an EHCP.

For more information download the prospectus or contact the referrals team.