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What is good about Dovedale House ?

Dovedale House is a children’s home. Everyone who lives at Dovedale House has their own bedroom, which they can personalise. There’s lots of space including a garden and a games room. It’s close to everything the town has to offer including lots of indoor and outdoor leisure and recreation facilities, shops, supermarkets, restaurants, schools, colleges and sports. There are staff at the home 24 hours a day to make sure young people are safe and cared for.

The young people who come to live here go to school and college, work experience or training and five young people can live in the house so long as they are aged between 9 and 17 years old.

Our aim is to make the young people who live here feel safe, looked after and cared about. We want to help them to achieve their goals, whatever they may be. We encourage children and young people to give their views and to have a say in the way they’re looked after. The young people are also very involved with the day to day running of the home, for example with the daily menu and their activity planners.

Where is Dovedale House?

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