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In working with the children and young people, Heysham House seeks to promote the development of:

  • The ability to make, maintain and develop relationships
  • Self-awareness, self-management, and positive thinking
  • A positive self-image and an enhanced self-esteem
  • The highest possible level of academic and vocational achievement
  • Emotional resilience
  • A sense of personal competence and independence
  • The ability to make positive life choices
  • The ability recognise risk and keep themselves safe
  • The pursuit of hobbies, talents, and further interests

In order to promote outcomes for our children we provide the following.

  • Full-time residential care from a skilled, experienced, and highly motivated staff team.
  • Residential accommodation which is comfortable, modern, and attractive in which children and young people have their own rooms.
  • A consistent, supportive, and positive style of working to develop self-awareness and self-management in children and young people.
  • Support and training to enable our young people to build and enjoy positive relationships with other children and adults.
  • A wide variety of new experiences for each child and the development of particular talents or interests.
  • Positive links with the wider community, outside agencies, further education facilities and work placements.

For more information download the Home Prospectus or contact the referrals team.

You can also find out more information by looking at the Statement of Purpose.