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Our specialist multi-disciplinary team of leaders, carers, therapists and educationalists work seamlessly together. They teach and proactively support children and young people who have been subjected to adverse childhood experiences, including trauma, toxic stress and associated mental wellbeing difficulties, aiming to break the cycle of adversity.

We have a newly designed autism specific provision, the 'Rocks Centre', where the environment and teaching approaches are tailored to ensure those with an autism diagnosis can feel safe and thrive.

We believe that young people with SEMH, ASC and other presentations can continue to develop skills and strategies that enable them to participate as independent, valued citizens, enjoying equal rights, opportunities and a good quality of life. Children and young people in our care will flourish, have fun and achieve.


Our positive expectations are based on:

Healthy and well                 Prepared

Independent                        Engaged

Growth mindset                  Aiming high

Happiness                            Kindness and compassion

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Principal Anne Price speaking at a recent Autism Manchester conference about the fantastic High Peak school ethos and approach

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"How you have managed to organise an emergency stay for 12 kids in this short time, and for them to settle like this, is amazing, I should know I used to work in children's homes."

“‘Thanks for all the support you have given our child, particularly over these last few days, it really is appreciated.”

"I just wanted to say how lovely it was to meet you this morning and to see all the work our daughter has been doing with you. We are delighted with the progress our daughter is making and in such a short time too!"

"You have got a good measure of our child and we really like your straightforward, no-nonsense approach with her. Our child responds well to such consistent and firm boundaries. We are sure they will do well with you all at High Peak. Thank you."

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Headteacher: Anne Price