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Curriculums are individually developed around the child or young person in order for them to achieve success and gain the skills and qualifications needed for them to move on to the next phase of their life. 

Our school promotes the social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people, enabling them to achieve in education, enjoy social activities, have positive relationships and feel empowered and supported to take care of themselves physically and emotionally as they make the transition towards independent living. 

  • We listen to our young people and tailor support to each individual
  • We provide fair, clear and consistent boundaries across all areas
  • We work on a rewards and sanctions based approach
  • We provide special and memorable experiences
  • We work closely with professionals from all organisations to provide effective multi-agency support to our young people
  • We constantly strive to improve through internal and external audits and by listening.
  • Work with families to promote safe and healthy contact

Careers – Thinking about the future?

We will support your child/young person towards the best possible future pathway. We will work closely with you on your child`s hopes, dreams and aspirations.

We embed careers guidance and support into the school calendar for the academic year.  We have a dedicated member of the education team who liaises with young people and local employers such as please insert. In March we have an annual careers fair involving a variety of employers such as the armed services, fire service and paramedics.

Take a look at our prospectus for more information.