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Curriculums are individually developed around the child or young person in order for them to achieve success and gain the skills and qualifications needed for them to move on to the next phase of their life. 

100% of children and young people at our school have access to community activities which reflect their personal interest.

All of the children and young people are learning independence skills to support them to move on.

All of the children and young people have the opportunity to obtain college placements with local colleges such as West Notts College.

We have children and young people who are involved in the recruitment of the both care and education staff who will support them.

The pathway at Wings School Notts is strengthened because of our additional residential provision for those with more complex mental health issues which is supported by an experienced clinical team. Children and young people can access the residential pathway at any stage and education is available to all.


Children and young people in Key Stage 4 are provided with careers and college guidance, social and economic skills and work experience to prepare them for adult life.

We embed careers guidance and support into the school calendar for the academic year.  We have a dedicated member of the education team who liaises with young people and local employers.

We have an annual careers fair involving a variety of employers such as the armed services, fire service and paramedics. We have excellent links with these services and they regularly come into the school to run fun filled activity days advising on opportunities and careers.

For more information download the prospectus or contact the referrals team.