Kedleston Group - Our exam results are in!
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We are delighted to share the exam results and achievements of our young people for 2020.....

Kedleston Group operates specialist residential and day schools across England, supporting young people with social emotional and mental health difficulties and autism spectrum conditions, many of whom had been out of formal education for some time before attending a Kedleston school.

Across Kedleston the young people have achieved almost 300 formal qualifications including GCSEs and BTECs across a range of academic and vocational subjects throughout the academic year.

Young people celebrated successes in GCSEs including in mathematics, English and science and 93% gained a Mathematics and English qualification. Over 60% gained qualifications in Maths, English and Science.

The qualifications were achieved in more than 30 different subjects including core subjects (Maths, English, Science, ICT) as well as Sociology, Media Studies, Statistics, Performing Arts, PE, Sport & Leisure, Home Cooking, History, Leisure & Tourism, Animal Care, Food Hygiene, First Aid, PSHE, Duke of Edinburgh, Independent Living skills, Car Maintenance, Motor Vehicle skills, Photography, Construction, Engineering, Carpentry and John Muir.

The children also achieved BTECs, Foundation Studies, Entry Level and many other qualifications over the course of the year with some students achieving more than 15 meaningful qualifications each.

These successes and qualifications have seen leavers go on to further education, apprenticeships or employment and all students moving to FE will take up places at mainstream colleges.  

Dr Lynda Mitchell, Director of Quality and Compliance (Education), said: “Despite the challenges presented to our young people throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our leavers are moving on to further education in mainstream colleges or into training in an apprenticeship.

“Across our schools leavers have gone into a mainstream further education placement and they are taking up apprenticeships. They should all be extremely proud of themselves – we’re very proud of them.”

Kedleston operates schools which provide educational settings for young people with social, emotional and mental health difficulties. Many of the students supported by the schools have experienced significant challenges during their education and in many cases, have been out of education for months or years before coming to a Kedleston school. The group has 13 schools and children’s homes across the country having recently opened Mill School Bury.

The schools are focused on helping young people achieve the skills they need to succeed when they leave school, getting them ready for further education and the workplace.

We have a range of residential and day schools across the UK and pupils from High Peak School in Cheshire, Olsen House School in Liverpool, Wings School Cumbria, Wings School Nottingham, Arc Schools Ansley and Old Arley in Warwickshire, Brookways School in London and Leaways School in London all sat a range of GCSE examinations and alternatives in a range of subjects.