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Over the next year, we are celebrating our 13th birthday as a group and will be highlighting 13 (at least!) reasons to celebrate. Here we share our first:

        Reasons to Celebrate #2         

At Kedleston we celebrate all progress and success of our young people, no matter how small. And one of our reasons to celebrate as we mark our 13th birthday year is the remarkable progress of a young person supported at Wings School Notts.

We’re delighted to share that the support of Wings School Notts has helped this young person, Stuart*, grow in confidence, become more positive and move on from negative actions and behaviour.

Before becoming a student at Wings School Notts, Stuart had engaged in criminal behaviour. However, since enrolling at the school, the support and guidance from the staff team there has seen him mature into a “polite and amicable” young person.

You don’t have to take our word for it….those are the words of Stuart’s social worker, who also said the young man had been “very well supported” and that it had been observed he had built relationships with his peers at the school, and with the staff team – who he regards with the “greatest respect”.

Those relationships, the professional noted, were very important to Stuart and were a large part of his on-going maturity. Stuart, they said, had “thrived” at Wings School Notts where, as well as support from staff and peers, he had also been encouraged and enabled to maintain his links and relationships with his birth family and to remain within the family structure – something we value very strongly at Kedleston.

During his time at the school, Stuart enjoyed his first trip abroad and, in his own words, said it was “mint”.

Stuart’s social worker said: “I am sure that he will always reflect on his time at Wings as a positive and happy time. I cannot thank the staff enough for the support they have and continue to offer Stuart.

“Communication with the staff has been excellent. I have been kept informed at all times.

“The staff at Wings have gone over and above their role to support Stuart. He has been fortunate to have been placed with staff who have built lasting and positive relationships with him.”

For us, there’s no greater reason to celebrate than being part of the support network that’s helping a young person thrive.

*name has been changed to protect confidentiality