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As part of its 13th birthday celebrations, Kedleston Group will be supporting selfharmUK as its charity for the celebration year.

Chief Executive Paul Brosnan explained: “As part of our year of celebrations, we want to encourage our schools and homes to raise money for a charity. We are delighted announce that selfharmUK has been chosen as our nominated charity.

“So many people who use our services are affected by self-harm, and we are pleased to contribute to a charity working to help in this important area."

“The money raised across Kedleston, through a year-long series of planned events held at local school and home level, will go towards selfharmUK’s dedicated online support group, providing training and to support their extremely important work.”

selfharmUK is a project dedicated to supporting young people impacted by self-harm, providing a safe space to talk, ask any questions and be honest about what's going on in their life. To find out more visit their website https://www.selfharm.co.uk