Arc Oakbridge School Offer
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Key information

  • Day
  • 7 – 16
  • Boys / Girls
  • Primary need high functioning ASC, with associated complex needs
  • Functional Skills, BTECs and GCSE qualifications
  • Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and access to Educational Psychology
  • Virtual Reality Technology (VR)

Arc Oakbridge School in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, is a new independent special school providing education for young people who are on the autism spectrum and have complex needs.

Facilities include: Separate, small and specially lit and decorated classrooms, a science lab, an art studio, a main central area for dining, assemblies, drama, movement and social time and a safe outdoor play area.

Our school uses Virtual Reality (VR) Technology in order to prepare potential new starters for their experience at the school. The technology shows the end user 360 degree images of the school, school grounds and offsite locations that are visited frequently. This approach is crucial to help support any initial anxieties or concerns a young person may have about starting at the school. The technology can then be used within the school to support lesson understanding and provide a visual stimulus to the children and young people. The technology is not only brilliantly effective, it is also a lot of fun!

Teaching and support staff work directly with families to encourage a positive relationship between the family, student and the school. The school wants to develop strong relationships with families, local groups, other schools and other external stakeholders.

The therapeutic team will grow to match the needs of the young people, but we currently offer the following: Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and access to Educational Psychology.

We welcome families and carers who would like to be part of the wider school community, including those for whom English is an additional language. It is important that everyone’s voice is heard in the school community. We host regular events, such as coffee mornings, fayres and training sessions, all of which are open to the wider school community.

Parents cannot speak highly enough of the school and report impacts on family life with words such as ‘Life-changing’ have been used to describe the school to Ofsted inspectors.

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