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Arc School Napton is an independent specialist primary school based in a small village in Warwickshire, registered for children between the ages of 5 to 11. Children come to the school because the environment they provide benefits children whose specific educational and social, and or emotional needs cannot be met in mainstream environments.

Our curriculum is designed to meet the individual needs of each child and young person in order that they have the opportunity to meet their full potential, in an environment which is both therapeutic and supportive. Our nurturing approach ensures children feel safe and enjoy learning.

Opportunities for education outside the classroom which have included partnerships with local museums, theatres and a range of cultural and heritage organisations.

Children can enjoy a diverse range of sports as part of the teaching at Napton. There is also the opportunity for all of the children to attend Forest School sessions where they can develop the skills to play, turn take, share, collaborate and plan, largely independent of the focused adult support they may previously have needed. 

We have a strong focus on therapeutic support to help children and to reach their potential and give them the best opportunities to develop skills for adulthood.

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