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Our curriculum is designed to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of each pupil at Fernways School. We follow the National Curriculum, as well as offering a range of subjects and qualifications including GCSE’s, vocational and functional skills qualifications.

The curriculum is individualised for each pupil. Many of our pupils will come to us having missed a great deal of education, so we will develop programmes for them which address their individual needs and development stage as well as incorporate their specialist interests.

The aim of the curriculum is to give pupils the skills, independence and confidence they need to thrive outside of school and give them the qualifications and experiences they will need to achieve their ambitions and goals including attending college to study further, take up an apprenticeship or other complete further training.

Maths, English and Science are core subjects at the heart of the curriculum and it is the school’s aim to ensure each child leaves with a package of qualifications at foundation or GCSE level in each of the STEM subjects. The curriculum will broadly follow the subjects offered by the National Curriculum and sought after by colleges and employers which give pupils key grounding in basic literacy, numeracy and science skills.

We are proud to offer subjects within our core such as ‘Skills for Life and Work’, ‘Social, Communication and Interaction Skills’ and ‘Forest Schools’ to help develop characteristics such as problem solving, resilience, creativity, team working and planning skills as well as preparing our pupils for adulthood. We strive to ensure every pupil can transfer knowledge between subjects and use their skills out of a classroom context in a practical real life environment.

We offer a range of practical and creative subjects to allow pupils to express themselves in productive ways. These subjects include art, performing arts, design technology including cooking.

We invest time into ensuring both clinical and health needs are met through a varied programme of PE and sport, outdoor education, OT, Speech and Language Therapy and Educational psychology, combined with a programme of PSHRE and SRE to support personal development and learning around physical, mental and sexual health and wellbeing.