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Referrals : 0800 024 6985 | referrals@kedlestongroup.com

Referrals : 0800 024 6985 | referrals@kedlestongroup.com

High Peak School, in Disley, is a residential school that provides education and care for children with social, emotional and mental health difficulties as well as pupils with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Conditions. It also offers day placements.

The school saw its Year 11 and 12 leavers all achieve a Maths and English qualification. One Year 11 leaver achieved Maths, English & Science qualifications and also completed a successful first year of their two-year Motor Vehicles Skills course.

During the academic year, young people achieved further qualifications including functional skills and GCSEs in subjects including Maths, English, Science, ICT and John Muir.

Dr Lynda Mitchell, Kedleston Group’s Director of Quality and Compliance, said: “These results are a wonderful foundation for the young people to build their future success on.

“They have achieved a great range of qualifications in both vocational and academic subjects. Their results are the product of their resilience, determination, hard work and commitment and we’re incredibly proud of them all.”

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Parents and carers can find more information about school performances at the Schools and College Performance Tables Service.