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The Mill School Bury curriculum is created alongside each child to meet their individual needs. This ensures it will interest them, engage them and help keep them in school while harnessing their existing interests and creating new ones.

The aim of the curriculum is to give children and young people the skills they need to thrive outside of school and give them the qualifications and experiences they will need to achieve their ambitions and goals.  This may include attending college to study further, to take up an apprenticeship or other training or to go straight into a job.

When a young person joins Mill School Bury they may have been out of education for some time. Encouraging and motivating a young person to engage with learning is one of the key roles of the curriculum.

A young person may work with a reduced timetable at first, with a focus on non-academic subjects or only those subjects which immediately interest the child before introducing a full timetable and more subjects – including those key core subjects of English, Maths and Science.

Those key subjects are at the heart of the curriculum and it is the school’s aim to ensure that each child leaves with a qualification at Foundation Studies or GCSE level in each of the STEM subjects. The curriculum will also broadly follow the subjects offered by the National Curriculum and those which are sought after by employers, colleges and others expect and which give the children a key grounding in functional literacy, numeracy and science skills.

The school also encourages and enables character education and recognises that some people engage best with vocational subjects and activities rather than purely academic ones.

Character education helps young people become well-rounded, socially-aware and responsible citizens and that aspect of the Mill School Bury curriculum focuses on personal development, spiritual education and cultural development with an emphasis on fostering good mental health and well-being.

Everyone at Mill School Bury has access to the academic and character curriculums which, when combined create a rich and broad curriculum that can lead to accredited courses and qualifications which are appropriate to both ability levels and personal aspirations.

This differentiated curriculum is aligned to childrens’ ages, levels of ability, interests and aspirations and is very much person-centred and age appropriate offer.

All of this is underpinned by A Quiet Place, a mental health and well-being curriculum that helps meet the needs of the vulnerable learners, their families and staff well-being that we use at Mill School Bury.


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