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Vision, values and ethos:


Motivating Individuals for Learning and Life, through providing the Mill School Bury community with an outstanding personalised education that caters for the social, emotional, mental health and well-being needs of all.

Our vision is to provide a purpose-built, state of the art school which offers a safe learning environment for children living with autism or other challenges such as ADHD, SEMH, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia and attachment disorder. These children will thrive, supported by our bespoke approach to teaching and learning.

We also have a vision to provide children with a theamatic curriculum.  This will give children the experiential experiences to apply their functional skills across other curricular areas in an interesting way, so that they know more, learn more and do more.

  • We meet the individual needs for children (ASC/SEMH/SEND), parents and their Local Authorities by placing the most disadvantaged child at the heart of all decisions and understand what everyone's needs and expectations are.
  • We listen to children’s life experiences and design a holistic package that will enable children to develop self help skills and become resilient, confident and responsible citizens in society with interests.
  • We assess children's educational journey and use the baseline assessment to identify the right flight paths. Teaching is based around interests, so that interest lead learning can inspire children to achieve.
  • We take an early years assessment approach to never miss opportunities to remove barriers in learning, enabling children to see instant achievements and inspiring our children, so that they remain motivated.
  • We will keep children safe in education and teach children about the dangers and how to keep themselves safe.
  • Our staff have been employed because they are dedicated, motivated, highly skilled, insightful, reflective, successful, calm and enabling practitioners that will allow each child and their families to know they are the centre of what matters at Mill School Bury.