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Who we are

Mill School Bury is part of the Kedleston Group and opened in 2020.

Mill School Bury is an independent specialist school which supports children and young people who may have social, emotional or mental health challenges (SEMH) and those with an autism spectrum condition (ASC).

The school has been designed to best support children’s mental health and well-being and to provide a state-of-the-art learning environment.

The school is set in its own extensive grounds including areas for a Sensory Garden, Horticultural Therapy, Forest School and a peace hub.  Inside, a combination of rebound, multi-sensory and immersive reality therapy spaces ensure the holistic approach continues.  The school’s Headteacher believes in creating safe sanctuary spaces for children and each learning environment has its own "safe-haven space” for the young people to use whenever they need.

The focus at Mill School Bury is on maximising every individuals’ potential to develop into a confident, resilient, critical thinker and skilled child who will make a positive contribution to society and live as independent a life as possible. The aim is to help the children develop a tool kit of coping strategies to leave school with.

The school enables children to reach their full potential and achieve their own personal success, and to have the knowledge, accreditations and confidence to do that.

The school is ambitious for its young people and is creative in developing curriculums for them, and alongside them, which help them achieve their goals and has invested in the resources and the facilities to allow them to do so.

Where we are

Wellington Street Bury Greater Manchester BL8 2BD