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Referrals : 0800 024 6985 | [email protected]

Referrals : 0800 024 6985 | [email protected]

  • Children’s Home
  • 52-week placements
  • 9 – 17
  • SEMH and MH
  • Ofsted – not yet rated.
  • Therapeutic approach based upon on PACE principles and work with a DDP network approved practitioner on staff training and supervision.
  • Our Stepping into Family Living Framework provides a structured and supported way for children to move back to family living as quickly as possible and thrive.

The care team offers social care, guidance and support that promotes independence and delivers the skills needed for young people as they continue their journey through life.

Using a nurturing approach ensures young people are supported to address their feelings and emotions in a safe and secure way with an experienced staff team.  Our aim is to ensure that each young person will achieve positive outcomes in their personal, social and learning lives and achieve their full potential.  

The home is in the heart of the local community and is close to many amenities including schools, shops, leisure facilities, medical services and further education providers. 

It has five bedrooms which the young people furnish and decorate as they choose. There is a communal kitchen, lounge area, dining room, three bathrooms and a recreation room. The home has a computer and a telephone for the young people to use. The home has a lovely garden. 

Our care team at Millstream Lodge have taken the first steps in working even more therapeutically with our children and young people. Via training with an accredited DDP (Dyadic Developmental Practice) trainer, our teams have engaged within two-day courses which function as a starting point in our journey. PACE has been identified by leaders and home managers as an effective approach to provide therapeutic parenting to children of differing ages and experiences.

PACE concentrates on the whole child/young person and not just the behaviours typically displayed. PACE aids children in being more secure with adults and works to help them think about themselves, their feelings, thoughts, and behaviour, developing the skills that are required for sustaining a successful and fulfilling life.
You can also find out more information by looking at the Statement of Purpose or contact the Referrals Team...