Autism Specialist School in Birmingham
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Referrals : 0800 024 6985 | [email protected]

Referrals : 0800 024 6985 | [email protected]

Arc Oakbridge School is a specialist school in central Birmingham for children and young people with a primary need of autism.

The school offers a calm, safe and nurturing place where young people with a primary need of autism (ASC) and associated complex needs can learn and grow. They focus on maximising every individuals’ potential to develop into a confident, secure, well-adjusted and skilled young people who will make a positive contribution to society and live as independent a life as possible.

They equip all children and young people with the necessary life skills, academic or vocational qualifications and emotional intelligence to succeed. This is delivered by a committed and supportive team, utilising a well-resourced and developed curriculum.

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The location is perfect for maximising opportunities for developing independence skills and visiting a range of places/facilities nearby such as the library, the markets, museums, shops, the theatre and also offers the chance to practice travelling around the local community by bus and tram.

The school boasts two distinct environments tailored to meet the needs of both the primary and secondary age pupils. Transition is of utmost importance throughout these areas and there is a dedicated member of the staff team in place to support the children to adapt when moving from the smaller more nurturing area of the school to the secondary classrooms. This enables a seamless and supportive pathway throughout the year groups. 

Through close partnerships with families, professionals and the wider community our school ensures that all children and young people thrive and given the right start in life.

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    Autism School Specialists

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NASS Award Finalists

Two of our specialist schools, Arc School Ansley and Arc Oakbridge School, have received...

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  • “The school is amazing and staff are all lovely and friendly. Would definitely recommend to others.”


  • “Since coming to the school I have seen such a change in him, he is like the son I remember, and I am over the moon for everything that has been done to help him.”


  • “My child is supported in the subjects they find more difficult and challenged in those that are their strengths.”


  • “My child enjoys going to school and they have been able to try new things and find out what they are good at, which has had a positive effect on their confidence and enjoyment of learning.”


  • “My child now enjoys going to school and they have been able to try new things and find out what they are good at, which has had a positive effect on their confidence and enjoyment of learning.” 


  • "It has been great to see a happy staff team - you are like a big happy family."


  • "I am really proud of my school and the people in it."


  • “Honestly, I can’t speak highly enough of Arc Oakbridge. Every single member of staff goes above and beyond for all children. Poppy was unable to attend her mainstream school for almost 2 years due to her anxiety before she got her place at Oakbridge, and she now loves going to school and is happy and thriving. It’s literally a dream come true for our whole family!"


  • "A successful school placement is about showing a willingness to want the very best experiences for the child and making a commitment to do whatever it takes to make it work - this is exactly what the Oakbridge team do."


  • “2 and a half years later and we still can’t get over how happy our child is about going to school!”


  • "Communication is getting better and better. The change in uniform shows that parents and kids
    have a voice in the school. Well done Phil and the rest of the team."


  • "There isn't another school that does what Oakbridge does. Thank you for everything you all do."


  • His resilience grows day by day. We cannot thank you enough for nurturing and supporting our son. 


  • “We met with the headteacher Phil before even seeing the school and that's when I knew this was going to be the right school, his compassion and dedication shone through.”


  • “Walking in the door is where I knew I had done the right thing. You forget where you are. The school is small and ideal for children on the spectrum and they even have a dog Edie who is always happy to greet visitors and loves a fuss. She has been a key part in helping my son and even came for the tour with us.”


  • “Now this is one facility which we should be shouting a little more about, a school for those young people with higher levels of autism, who can have difficulties in coping in mainstreams.”

    Birmingham Councillor