Residential SEMH and Autism School in Cheshire
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Referrals : 0800 024 6985 | [email protected]

School Contact Information

Referrals : 0800 024 6985 | [email protected]

School Contact Information


At High Peak we have high expectations of ourselves and our pupils so we can all reach our true potential. Through our nurturing and therapeutic approach, we will enable all of our pupils to leave as successful valued and independent people that results in the best quality of life outcomes.   

We strive to provide a high quality education in a positive and nurturing learning environment that makes a difference to the children within our care.  Every opportunity is taken to promote confidence and emotional well-being and to enable young people to develop the range of skills that they will need for life beyond school.


  • Respect – others and your environment
  • Aspire – to achieve your goals
  • Inspire – others to follow your good example
  • Safety – keep yourself and others safe
  • Equality – a place for all 


  • Demonstrate effective communication and engagement  
  • Display kindness and compassion 
  • Show equality and mutual respect  
  • Promote a growth and development mind-set in yourself and others 
  • Establish strong collaboration and teamwork 
  • Take individual and collective responsibility for the success of High Peak  

Our ethos is based on the beliefs that:

  • Young people with SEMH, ASC and other presentations can continue to develop skills and strategies that enable them to participate as independent, valued citizens, enjoying equal rights, opportunities and a good quality of life.
  • An eclectic, flexible, personalized approach utilizing strengths and interests is necessary to the development of individual skills.
  • Through working alongside children and young people, developing strong ‘working with’ relationships, effective strategies can be developed that enable them to contribute to, and be consulted with, on all aspects of their lives. Children and young people in our care will flourish, have fun and achieve.
  • Consultation through listening to those who use the service and their representatives is key to evolving practice and provision.
  • The same principles apply to the way we work together as a community of staff.

Our positive expectations are based on:

  • Healthy and well
  • Prepared
  • Independent                       
  • Engaged
  • Growth mindset                 
  • Aiming high
  • Happiness                           
  • Kindness and compassion

These expectations help children to develop behaviours that prepare them for adulthood and a good quality of life.

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