SEMH and Autism School in Hackney
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Referrals : 0800 024 6985 | [email protected]

School Contact Information

Referrals : 0800 024 6985 | [email protected]

School Contact Information

Key information

The school follows the national curriculum where it is deemed appropriate and personalises timetables for all children and young people. There is an opportunity for mainstream inclusion through links and partnership with local college’s for example Haringey Colen College or Hackney Community College. The school fundamentally believes in opportunities for reintegration into mainstream education where possible.

Children and young people are supported in very small class sizes and curriculums are tailored to meet their needs and abilities. Their individual curriculum is designed to take each child’s own educational needs into account and maximise their opportunities for success. Children and young people enjoy access to an extensive range of imaginative learning opportunities which capture and sustain their interest. A range of qualifications including GCSEs are available for study and achievement.

There are plenty of opportunities for young people to engage in offsite activities such as boxing, kayaking, canoeing and a range sports at the nearby Springfield Local Park. The school makes sure everyone gets involved in staying fit and healthy by running ‘Fitness Fridays’ and there is even the opportunity to join the fantastic Leaways Football Club.

The school offers Speech and Language Therapy, School Counsellor and Occupational Therapy and has regular access to behaviour and attendance services.

The focus is on helping children and young people reach their potential and give them the best opportunities to do so.

The school has excellent travel links and Clapton Overground station is 2 minutes’ walk away with easy access to the local community and strong links with further education colleges. The school is well maintained offering small classes in a spacious environment. Facilities include: music, a recording and drama studio, a large learning kitchen, nurture and induction zones, an IT suite, a gym and recreational room, design and technology workshop, a science lab, a mentoring suite, canteen and commercial kitchen.

Our school boasts a separate specialist schooling provision for children and young people who are on the autistic spectrum. The specialist ASC friendly provision is separate from the main school, with its own entrance and the environment is calm and low arousal. The ASC provision offers smaller classroom sizes, sensory friendly changeable lighting and soundproofed walls in order to enhance the low arousal environment in which children and young people can learn.

At Leaways we are also proud to announce the recent completion of our primary area to support those in Key Stage 2. We now have 3 new and well-resourced classrooms. Children and young people are able to access a personalised curriculum built around key skills, special interests and nurturing their social, moral, spiritual and cultural development.

At Leaways School we use Sleuth to analyse and record behaviour and development of our pupils. This software sits alongside our own assessment framework that can measure the progress of our pupils in relation to the essential skills.