Autism Specialist School in Birmingham
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Arc Oakbridge School is a specialist school in central Birmingham for children and young people with autism.

Our school offers a calm, low arousal, safe, positive and nurturing place where young people with a primary need of autism (ASC), including Asperger’s Syndrome and associated complex needs can learn and grow. We focus on maximising every individuals’ potential to develop into a confident, secure, well-adjusted and skilled young person who will make a positive contribution to society and live as independent a life as possible.

We will equip all children and young people with the necessary life skills, academic or vocational qualifications and emotional intelligence to succeed. This will be delivered by a committed and supportive team, utilising a well-resourced and developed curriculum.

Class sizes are very small and classrooms are ‘enabling environments’ with sensory lighting, muted colours, individual work stations and visual timetables. The curriculum is designed to meet the specific academic, social, emotional and sensory needs of each individual young person.

Cutting edge technology, including virtual reality, is used effectively as part of both the transition to the school and in teaching and support on an everyday basis.

Through close partnerships with families, professionals and the wider community our school ensures that all children and young people thrive and given the right start in life.

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Small and Calm Class Sizes

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“The school is amazing and staff are all lovely and friendly. Would definitely recommend to others.”

“Now this is one facility which we should be shouting a little more about, a school for those young people with higher levels of autism, who can have difficulties in coping in mainstreams.”

“Walking in the door is where I knew I had done the right thing. You forget where you are. The school is small and ideal for children on the spectrum and they even have a dog Edie who is always happy to greet visitors and loves a fuss. She has been a key part in helping my son and even came for the tour with us.”

“We met with the headteacher Phil before even seeing the school and that's when I knew this was going to be the right school, his compassion and dedication shone through.”

Contact Information

01212 225201

Buckingham Street, Birmingham, B19 3HU

Headteacher: Phil Petch