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Pupils at our specialist school in Liverpool have been celebrating their recent exam results.

Olsen House School, a day school in Crosby, Liverpool, provides education for children with social, emotional and mental health difficulties. It also offers a specialist unit supporting young people with an autism spectrum condition.

Young people at the school showed that hard work and determination pay off through their achievements in their recent exams and other formal qualifications. Year 11 pupils undertook a range of GCSE and other nationally-recognised examinations in a range of subjects including Maths and English, Science and ICT as well as home cooking skills, preparing for working life, unlocking potential and construction and indoor climbing.

On average, they achieved more than 10 qualifications per pupil. Every student left with at least a formal achievement in all core subjects.

Head Teacher Alison Ford said: “Our students worked so hard to achieve all of these qualifications both inside and outside of the classroom. The softer skills they have gained through many of these courses will be invaluable for them in their lives outside of school and as they move on to college, training or employment, as all of our students are.

“This is a fantastic achievement especially when you consider that all of the young people at Olsen House School have previously found mainstream settings are not meeting their own individual needs and had found it difficult to gain qualifications.

“This mix of vocational and academic achievements create an excellent combination of skills and knowledge which I know they will use as they move forward in their futures. All of our pupils who took exams either achieved or exceeded expected outcomes in all subjects which is testimony to their hard work.”

Olsen House School is part of the Kedleston Group. Kedleston has a range of residential and day schools across the UK and across the company’s seven secondary schools, pupils achieved a range of qualifications with hundreds of achievements recorded for students across more than 90 different qualifications on offer.

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