SEMH and Autism Schools and Children's Homes Offer
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Residential schooling, day schools and children's homes across England for children with autism and SEMH.

Our schools and homes support children living with social, emotional and mental health problems (SEMH) and specific learning difficulties, which affects their learning and ability to do everyday things.

We also run dedicated autism (ASC) schools.

Our schools follow the National Curriculum and have a strong educational focus. 

For many of our young people their previous experience in education has been a negative one, so we aim to offer a positive reintroduction to school, to re-ignite a passion for learning and achieving. They can safely redevelop a sense of identity and belonging in our schools and homes.

We provide therapeutic approaches to ensure we meet the full needs of each young person.

Our homes work all year round to provide young people with a caring family environment, many of whom will have had previous placement breakdowns and have not had the care and support they deserve. 


Kedleston Group’s Local Promise

Under the Children Act 1989, accommodation provided by local authorities for looked after children must be “within the local authority’s area” unless this is “not reasonably practicable”. Kedleston Group recognises the importance of children living in placements as close to their home areas as possible whenever possible. As part of this we promise to:

  • Fully consider and explore referrals for local children whose needs are covered by our statement of purpose
  • Discuss possible placements with professionals and agencies involved in supporting a child
  • Work with local authorities to support children back to their local areas


“I have only been the young person’s social worker for a short while, but during talks with the young person they have advised me how comfortable and secure they feel living at Wings. I have seen positive relationships between staff and young people, when speaking with staff I feel it is evident they care about the young people in their care. I have had no issues being able to contact staff, and been able to organise meetings and calls at short notice”

"Can I just say a massive well done to all the staff at Arc School Oakbridge. They have gone above and beyond to help us and the impact it has had on our son has been immense. The virtual learning they have adapted has been such a huge success to us and we are very happy and proud of the school."

“L appears to have significant progress whilst at Wings School Cumbria. Thank you for all the hard work.”

“We met with the headteacher Phil before even seeing the school and that's when I knew this was going to be the right school, his compassion and dedication shone through.”