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Referrals & Enquiries

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Please fill out the form below so that we can get in contact with you with further information and guidance on the next steps to a placement. Once you have fully filled out the form and pressed submit you should get an email confirmation, this may appear in your ‘junk' email box so look out for it.

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In order to process a parent enquiry we will need a copy of your child's EHCP to determine whether or not we can meet needs and ideally a consultation from the relevant Local Authority. 

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My daughter is becoming a lot calmer week by week. She is feeling a sense of belonging!

Since my child started at High Peak School in September the change in him both academically and personally is astounding. He has gone from having limited education from an early age to now meeting targets and taking part in lessons. He now has a sense of belonging and he wants to learn and he wants to go to school. At home he is calmer, more positive and laughs and smiles more. I can’t thank the school enough for everything they have done for him.

"Overall – I am very happy with the progress that she has made in the time that she has been at Wings School Notts. Most importantly she is happy and presenting as much more settled."

"You have got a good measure of our child and we really like your straightforward, no-nonsense approach with her. Our child responds well to such consistent and firm boundaries. We are sure they will do well with you all at High Peak. Thank you."