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Referrals : 0800 024 6985 | [email protected]

School Contact Information

Referrals : 0800 024 6985 | [email protected]

School Contact Information

How Kedleston wellbeing pathways can help

Through our comprehensive resources, interactive tools, and expert-led content, Kedleston wellbeing pathways can empower you to take charge of your mental health journey. Whether you are looking to manage stress, build resilience, or simply improve your overall well-being, we have tailored solutions to suit your needs.

Here's what you can expect from Kedleston wellbeing pathways:

  • Professional resources and guidance – (see list below)
  • Interactive Webinars: Participate in engaging webinars, stay tuned for dates.
  • Supportive Community.

Join us on the path to mental wellness…Remember, your mental health matters.

Our vision

Our platform is dedicated to providing a safe space where you can access the resources, support, and guidance you need to enhance your mental well-being.

Bereavement and Grief
Bi Polar
Children and Young People
Eating Disorders
Self Care
Self Harm
Sexual Abuse
Substance Abuse

Why is Mental Health important?

Mental health is the foundation upon which a happy and productive life is built. It influences how we think, feel, and act, shaping our relationships, work, and overall quality of life. Taking care of our mental well-being is not just about overcoming challenges; it is about embracing life's opportunities and achieving our fullest potential.

The Challenges We Face

In today's increasingly connected yet often isolating world, mental health challenges are on the rise. Stress, anxiety, depression, and burnout have become all too common. The pressures of modern life can take a toll on our minds, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and struggling to cope.

Breaking the Stigma

Despite the growing awareness surrounding mental health, there is still a significant stigma that often prevents people from seeking the help they need. At Kedleston, we are committed to breaking down these barriers and fostering an environment of openness, understanding, and acceptance.

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Have we missed a great resource?

It's our goal that our resource hub helps as many people as possible! If you think we have overlooked a great resource or would like to collaborate to create a way to help support mental health and wellbeing, get in touch! 

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