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Teaching Assistant

Contact Information: careers@kedlestongroup.com
Location: Nuneaton
Salary: £17,500 to £19,000
Date Posted: 18/11/2019
Closing Date: 31-12-19
Job Type: permanent
Setting: Arc School Old Arley
Job Description: No Qualifications

Job Description

Job Title: Teaching Assistant (Arc School Old Arley)

Reporting to: Subject Teacher

Purpose of role: To work with students, parents, teachers and outside agencies on matters related to student welfare, thereby encouraging positive behaviour and attitudes to student learning.

To be an advocate for the school ethos of the three R’s, Respect yourself, Respect others and Respect the environment, seeing and demonstrating its use as paramount to the success of our young people.

Working with: The SLT, the Headteacher, colleagues employed at the School, parents and carers

Kedleston Group Ltd (“Kedleston”) is the parent of Arc School Old Arley. It is an independent organisation which owns and operates a group of schools/homes for children with a range of special educational needs. Kedleston’s vision is to become the most respected provider of specialist schooling in the country. It is committed to achieving this by investing in its people, practices and infrastructure.

Teaching Assistants at Arc School Old Arley will uphold the Mission, Values and Goals of the Kedleston Group as expressed in its Vision and Mission Statement. They will ensure that the Group’s ethos is clearly articulated and will give professional support and guidance to colleagues in Arc School Old Arley to ensure these Goals are delivered.

Main Roles and Responsibilities

• To promote the general academic progress and well-being of individual students and of any class or group of students assigned to him / her

• To plan and work with teachers to enhance the students’ learning

• To support students by offering interventions based on needs/targets which are agreed with teachers

• To work with teaching staff to develop strategies to support children in form groups

• To provide, when necessary, in class support for individual students

• To develop bespoke weekly/daily interventions for allocated students in conjunction with the relevant teacher

• To attend school events and engage with students and parents/ carers at during and out of regular school hours

• To attend home visits when required

• To know and arrange the celebration of the birthdays of students in your form group

• To develop knowledge, skills and understanding of the specific roles to which you are assigned

• To prepare and deliver resources, as required

Additionally, the Teaching Assistant’s focus will be to assist the Head in addressing and developing the following:

Other Activities

• To support social times by attending allocated duties

• To ensure safe and effective administration of medication as per the rota

• To participate and lead on the school extended provision programme learning outside the classroom, including associated paperwork

• To be available to cover learning outside the classroom, if required

• To communicate and consult with the parents/ carers of students

• To complete other duties as necessary to ensure the continued success of the School

• Attending assemblies, registering pupil whereabouts as well as supervising students, whether these duties are to be performed before, during or after school hours

• To attend, lead (if required), offsite activities and visits before, during or after school hours when required including residential visits

Administration, Assessment, Reports and Meetings

• Providing or contributing to oral and written assessments, reports and references relating to individual students and groups of students

• To maintain accurate records/ data

• To prepare student reports/ school support for and participate in Annual Review meetings

• To attend for the, or with the student at external agency meeting as requested by the Senior Leadership Team, preparing the necessary reports

Induction, Training, Development and Review

• Participating in arrangements for your own induction, supervision, training and development.

• Undertaking qualifications deemed necessary by the line manager to fulfil the requirements of the post.

• Reviewing your own methods of care, support and practice, including self-reflection and wellbeing.

• Participating in the safeguarding of all the children, and ensuring that the Arc School Old Arley Child Protection Policy is adhered to. Ensuring the confidentiality of all student and school information and data.


• Supervising and, so far as practicable, covering for other staff if they are absent.

• If required, to ensure the delivery of learning/ supervision continues to take place in the absence of teaching staff as directed by SLT

Other Ad-hoc Duties

• To complete other duties as necessary to ensure the continued success of both the school and the Kedleston Group

This job description was correct at the time of writing but may be subject to change and development according to the prevailing needs of the Group

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: £17,500.00 to £19,000.00 /year

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