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Every child deserves the best education

Our mission is to provide the best education, care and support for young people with individual needs.

Our day schools, residential schools and homes deliver personal programmes of education, activities, clinical care and therapies to ensure that whatever the challenges or past experiences young people have faced, they thrive and reach their academic and personal potential. 

Our teams are dedicated to working with children who may have struggled to succeed in traditional school settings, including boys and girls with social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs, autism (ASC) and specific learning difficulties.

Find out more about our school and homes for children and young people with autism and SEMH.

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Every child deserves the best education

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"My young person has made amazing progress since he came to Wings."

"They have helped me reach my full potential and I am very grateful."

"Our hopes and dreams of him being fully independent in adult life are beginning to take shape, it’s a huge leap from being advised to look at residential settings for him, which is where we were before High Peak School opened and took a chance on him and us as a family."

"You have got a good measure of our child and we really like your straightforward, no-nonsense approach with her. Our child responds well to such consistent and firm boundaries. We are sure they will do well with you all at High Peak. Thank you."