Autism and SEMH School in Hackney
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Our school provides a safe learning environment for children and young people with social, emotional and mental health difficulties including autism and an EHC Plan.

We also have a separate specialist area to support young people on the autistic spectrum (ASC) and a Primary unit taking children from 7 years old.  We aim to offer as close to a mainstream experience as possible but provide the additional care and support needed around each young person to enable them to thrive.

Our mission aims to engage children and young people by:

Rewarding positive achievement, behaviour and academic success;
Providing children and young people with essential life skills in preparation for adulthood
Create and maintain transparent relationships with children and young people, parents and professionals;
Help children and young people develop healthy and trusting relationships with peer groups and adults both in school and in the wider community
Provide a differentiated curriculum to motivate and enable individuals to thrive

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Latest News

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Success Stories

Supporting back into mainstream!

A wonderful success story where Leaways have supported and enabled Jamie** to return to a...

David had PDA, or Pathological Demand Avoidance

David had been to all sorts of specialist schools before he came to Leaways. Unfortunately none...


“I am astounded that in two years Leaways has turned my child around to the point that he has not only started to engage with education, he has managed eventually to attend school full time and sit four GCSE's.”

“I am exceptionally grateful that Leaways has provided my son, and many other unique children, the opportunity to be educated both academically, socially & emotionally.”

“In the 3 months that C has been here it was evident from his review that he has made significant progress in all areas. This is a credit to both himself and the staff here.”

Shout out to Leaways School London for being so sensitive and caring to the students and their parents at this time, as well as supporting learning and helping them prepare for September. "Closing the gap" requires a much care as it does teaching.

Contact Information

0208 815 4030

Theydon Road, Clapton, London, E5 9NZ

Headteacher: Richard Gadd